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True Crime Fans! You’ll love this weeks Podfluencer…Kristi Lee, the Australian creator and host of Canadian True Crime!

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Kristi Lee: Host of Canadian True Crime

This week, after surfing the awesome Facebook pages of Podcasts We Listen To, we discovered Kristi Lee!

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Kristi has lived in the Toronto Area since 2009! Towards the end of 2016, she noticed there was a shortage of podcasts dedicated solely to True Crime in Canada, which sparked an idea in her head…and here we are today! We recommend all of you that love True Crime podcasts listen to Canadian True Crime. We know you’ll love it.

Kristi's Favorite Episodes

This week, we bring you Mark Drumheller, feeding the flames of die-hard Philly sports fans!

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Mark Drumheller: Co-Host of 4th & Go! From WildFire Radio

TopPodcast continues to highlight local, independent podcasters break through the white-noise of the industry, featuring relevant hosts as our featured Podfluencers.

This week is no different, as the Philadelphia Eagles have secured the #1 seed in the NFC…and we feel the timeliness of this feature makes sense. We welcome Mark Drumheller, co-host of 4th and Go, a podcast that takes a look at the die-hard local Philadelphia sports scene!

Mark's Favorite Episodes

Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy takes you on a journey inside the live of one of the worlds’s most sought after restaurant consultants & the stories of his travels all over the world opening bars & restaurants.

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Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy: Host of Duffified Live

Chef Duffy is known for numerous television appearances on the Spike TV series Bar Rescue, as well as for his frank demeanor toward all things culinary. The celebrity chef tours the the country, occasionally riding his Harley, helping and revamping struggling or failing bars and restaurants along the way.

Kicking of his television career on the Food Network series “Date Plate” and Chef Duffy has also been featured on the DIY Network, HGTV, NBC, and Fine Living Network. Serving as a judge on the Food Network series “Beat Bobby Flay” and appearing on The Today Show since 2006 for the St. Patrick’s Day Irish cook-off have been a few more of his notable accolades in-front of the camera.

Chef Duffy developed also developed his signature spices, “Duffified Spice” along with T-shirts, kitchen aprons, hats, and hand soaps specifically fitting the needs of chefs.

Chef Duffy's Favorite Episodes

Trina Leckie’s mission with breakup BOOST is to help people heal their hearts and get back into the dating saddle…and her show delivers in a very engaging manner!

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Trina Leckie: Host of breakup BOOST

Trina Leckie, of breakup BOOST, started her business (and podcast) because she constantly found herself encountering people who were either struggling with a relationship, going through a breakup, sitting on the fence about whether they should break up or not, or getting back into the dating scene and having a tough time with it!

So for those of us that have exhausted the ‘caretakers in our lives’…meaning our close friends that help us get through rough relationship times, you now have Trina to lean on and help you cope with healing your heart and jumping back in the dating saddle again!

Trina's Favorite Show Episodes

Roy Burton takes a sometimes irreverent look at the local restaurant scene at the hottest establishments in Philadelphia! Headed to Philly for dinner? Listen to his show first!

Other Podcasts Roy Recommends

Roy Burton: Host of Jawn Appetit

Podcasts are local too, and nothing highlights the power of influential local podcasts as Jawn Appetit, a Philadelphia based podcast focusing on the restaurant scene in the City of Brother Love.

Roy Burton takes you on a fun & informative (and sometimes irreverent) journey without the pretentiousness that you might find elsewhere! Take a listen, especially if your headed on a business trip to Philly…and looking for a great place to eat!

Roy's Favorite Episodes

Chelsea Cox, host of Deliberations, takes you inside the jury room of highly publicized trials, creating a compelling environment for jurors to find a verdict.

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Chelsea Cox: Host of Deliberations

Chelsea Cox’s obsession with the criminal justice system goes back to July 5th, 2011, the day the Casey Anthony verdict was announced. Since then, she’s been captivated with diving deeper into the jury room, exploring how a group of strangers can interpret evidence, testimony and directions differently.

As a criminal justice and fiction enthusiast, Chelsea searched relentlessly for podcasts that would scratch her particular itch. When these searches proved fruitless, she drew upon her experience in theatre, writing, and improv to create a semi-scripted courtroom drama. In Deliberations, Chelsea explores the way justice is interpreted by a jury under the most ambiguous of circumstances.

Her podcast is a MUST LISTEN show that will keep you captivated and coming back for more!

Chelsea's Favorite Episodes

Wendy MacKenzie, co-host of Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories, from Parcast Network, a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders.

Other Podcasts Wendy Recommends

Wendy MacKenzie: Co-host of Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Wendy, along with co-host Carter Roy, delivers riveting commentary, exploring cold cases that will keep you hooked from Episode 1. We encourage you to start at the beginning, listening to highly produced shows that take true-crime podcasts to the next level.

With the help of an ensemble cast, follow Wendy as she takes you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempt to solve the case.

Wendy's Favorite Episodes of the Show

Brooke Gittings delivers some of the most compelling content when it comes to uncovering unjustice in our justice system. Whether someone is guilty or innocent, Brooke fights for the little guys, trying to protect innocent people from being put in prison, or at the very least, making sure they received a fair trial!

Other Podcasts Brooke Listens To

Brooke Gittings: Convicted, Actual Innocence, and Cold Case Files: ThePodcast

Brooke says “I am a social worker that has a podcast”…or “I’m a podcaster social worker”. What does this means? As social workers fight injustice, fighting for the little guy, so does Brooke and her family of podcasts.

If someone is wrongly convicted or does not receive a fair trial, it’s sets a precedent for injustice. Brooke is fighting against injustice, and giving the little guys a voice. And through her powerful podcasts, she does just that.

A powerful Podfluencer in the industry, Brooke demonstrates that it’s not the entertainment value that’s important, but rather the message and the cause. You MUST listen to her podcasts!

Listen To Her Podcasts Here

Brookes Favorite Episodes Of Her Podcasts

Clean and Sober Radio, presented by Gary Hendler, demonstrates how podcasters really are influencing the lives of others. Gary brings you a show dedicated to clean and sober living, helping others on their path to sobriety.

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A 'real life influencer': Gary Hendler of Clean and Sober Radio

We all know how podcasters influence their audiences, but this week, we bring you Gary Hendler, who takes this to another level! After living in the fast lane in the music industry, Gary has transformed his life, leading a sober path since 1982!

His weekly radio show and podcast reaches nearly 200,000 people a week, and he is truly making in impact on others as they walk a fine line on the path of sobriety. He brings first-hand knowledge on what it takes to transform ones life…and he’s having a major impact on others!

We are proud to feature Gary Hendler, from Clean and Sober Radio!

Gary's Favorite Episodes

Previous Shows Unavailable on iTunes (so we can’t list direct links to them yet)

**We are working to get them**

A combination of comedy and paranormal delivers a unique show that leaves you wanting more. Stand-up comic Jerry Paulley and Tracy Paulley take you on a journey around the world, searching out haunting tales!

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Paranormal with a Touch of Comedy: Jerry Paulley of Hillbilly Horror Stories

This week, we welcome stand-up comic Jerry Paulley, who chooses haunting tales from all over the world to discuss weekly, alongside his lovely wife Tracy Paulley, who’s been attracted to the paranormal ever since learning that Bobby Brown had sex with a ghost (yup, true story)!

This weekly podcast is designed for even the most serious paranormal fans but fun enough for the casual fan. A touch of comedy adds flair and fun to a paranormal podcast!

Jerry's Favorite Episodes of Hillbilly Horror Stories

The Comedic brilliance of Dan Cummins take you on a journey that’s endlessly inquisitive! Join 100,000 of his listeners and join the TimeSuck family!

Other Podcasts Dan Listens to

Comedy: Timesuck with Dan Cummins

#TopPodcast is THRILLED to have Dan Cummins as a featured Podfluencer. Dan is a comic who’s appeared on Conan O’Brien & The Tonight Show, and he’s released five comedy albums on Warner Brothers Records. He’s also taped two Comedy Central specials while releasing a third special on Amazon Prime!

From appearing on TruTV to The History Channel to Animal Planet, he’s podcast is blowing up & his show is essentially a ‘one-man history wrecking crew’, who will, even after the dust settles, leave you with some facts and tales that will make you look ‘half-way smart at a lot of cocktail parties and bar hangouts’.

You have to give Timesuck a listen…joining 100,000 others that are doing so! The community of listeners help choose his topics…so why not suggest one to Dan! He wants to start your week off right…so keep on suckin’!

Dan's Favorite Episodes of Timesuck

A light-harded look at the news…with what we all need…a cocktail!

Other Podcasts Patty Listens to

News on the Rocks with co-host Patty Steele

With today’s divisive political climate, news has taken on a life of its own. Many of us, at times, find ourselves exhausted with the same stories re-told with different teleprompters. Then there’s News on the Rocks, bringing you an enlightening breath of fresh air in a world of visceral news reporting.

A part of the CBS Radio family of podcasts, co-host Patty Steele delivers a POV that will intrigue and enlighten. She’s also co-host of the highly rated WCBS-FM Morning Show: Scott Shannon in the Morning, out of New York City. We are honored to have her as this weeks Podfluencer!

And, Yes, you might find yourself reaching for a cocktail, joining co-hosts Patty Steele and Wayne Cabot, while they bring you their daily dose of the news.

Her Favorite Episodes of News on the Rocks

A podcast specifically tailored for those of us that are ‘dodging the 9 to 5 mindset’!

Other Podcasts Neal Listens to

Clock Dodgers Podcast with host Neal Maligno

Who among us are a little tired ‘working for the man’. Well this weeks Podfluencer tries to take you on a journey to escape the 9 to 5 mindset, and you’ll see he loves Fantasy sports! Host Neal Maligno takes you on an audio journey to discuss ‘everything that’s anything in the world of sports, entertainment, and culture’….and fantasy football!

No topic is off limits…and everybody’s got a story, right? Yes, he focuses a lot on Fantasy Football…but he has an entertaining delivery that may hook sports talk lovers. We think you’ll enjoy listening to Neal.

TopPodcast continues to feature Podfluencers that cast a wide net, from the shows with millions of downloads to up-and-coming podcasts that we find intriguing! Bottom line, you also learn what other ‘insiders’ are listening to! Why not take Clock Dodgers for a test drive today!

His Favorite Episodes of Clock Dodgers

A hyper-local sports podcast, out of Philadelphia, that is disrupting the morning sports talk radio business!

Other Podcasts Kyle Scott Listens to

Crossing Broad with co-host Kyle Scott (and Adam Lefkoe & Russel Joy)

As you get to know this weeks Podfluencer, he just might be the first podcaster in the country taking head-on morning drive sports talk radio! Kyle Scott, of Philly’s most irreverent sports blog CROSSING BROAD, is changing the listening habits of Philadelphia sports lovers.

Not one to shy away from controversy, one of Kyle’s most popular features on his blog is entitled Radio Wars, where he highlights the ratings and personality battles of Philly’s two major sports radio stations, the iconic 94.1 WIP & 97.5 The Fanatic.

The power of his blog, which reaches nearly a quarter of a million people each month, puts Kyle in a position to make a HUGE MOVE within the sports podcasting arena…and that’s why we’ve named him this weeks ‘Podfluencer of the Week’. The power of a blog and a podcast makes him a force to be reckoned with!

His Favorite Episodes of Crossing Broad

We return to Astonishing Legends, bringing you co-host Forrest Burgess, completeing the ‘Click & Clack’ of esoterica!

Other Podcasts Forrest Burgess Listens To

Astonishing Legends - Co-host Forrest Burgess

This weeks, we return to the powerful podcast featured during our 2nd week, bringing you Podfluencer Forrest Burgess, Co-Host of Astonishing Legends. Having already highlighted his partner in crime, Scott Philbrook, we complete what their listeners deem the ‘Click and Clack’ of esoterica.

As previously featured, the shows mission is to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events throughout history and they interview those who’ve had unique close encounters with the unexplained.

Forrest wants to know what’s behind the curtain. He wants to, respectfully, know the secrets of the universe, or at least what he’s allowed to know. He wants to know what are the things that we can’t see, can’t know, or can’t understand; the mysteries of life forgotten by time and ignored by most. How do these things happen, why do they happen and what is the purpose? He would like to know why things that shouldn’t happen, happen

His Favorite Episodes of Astonishing Legends

In honor of the ‘unofficial start’ of Summer, we bring you a Podfluencer from the boating industry, continuing our weekly report highlighting the diversity of the podcast industry!

Other Podcasts Matt O'Hara Listens To

Anchors Aweigh - Hosted by Matt O'Hara

This weeks Podfluencer is Matt O’Hara, from the Freedom Boat Club, which resides on the beautiful Lake George in Diamond Point, New York. The podcast was created for those that have a love of boating, or may embark on a curious journey to explore the majestic art of wandering the waters via boat.

On Matt’s Linked-In, he says: “Our goal (at the Freedom Boat Club) is to facilitate that quality time by removing the hassles and headaches typically associated with our favorite recreational activity – boating. NO cleaning, NO maintenance, NO storage….NO worries!”

The podcast is an extension of his passion, boating, and if you’re ever in or near the Lake George Area in Diamond Point, NY, you have to visit the Freedom Boat Club!

His Favorite Episodes of Anchors Aweigh

This week, we bring you a ‘podcasting insider’, Mathew Passy, from PodToPod, a show about the podcast industry!

Other Podcasts Mathew Passy Listens To

PodToPod - Hosted by Mathew Passy

This week, we decided to highlight a ‘must listen to podcast’ for industry insiders called podToPod, brought to you by Mathew Passy, who is recognized within the industry as ‘The Podcast Consultant’. Mathew provides technical competencies such as Podcast Production, Audio Editing, Hosting, Voice-overs, and can also help clients with ad buys within the industry.

A graduate of the University of Miami, Mathew is Head of Content at podToPod, a popular podcast website that distributes industry news and delivers a massive amount of content for podcast insiders. podToPod is the ‘go-to’ destination for podcasters looking for what’s hot and what’s not in the industry.

The podToPod podcast provides a weekly look at the different movers and shakers in the industry and Mathew brings it to you in a clear, concise, and educational manner. It’s the perfect podcast for those looking to put their arms around industry trends. Most importantly, for those up-and-coming podcast producers that curate their own content, you’ll want to make the podToPod podcast a weekly destination.

His Favorite Episodes of podToPod

Chris Hill, Host of The Motely Fool Money Radio Show & Podcast, ranked as the top business & investing shows on iTunes!

Other Podcasts Chris Hill Listens To

Motley Fool Money - Hosted by Chris Hill

We are THRILLED to have Chris Hill as this weeks featured ‘Podfluencer’! His show airs every week on radio stations across America, including the Top-10 markets, and its companion podcast is consistently ranked as one of the top business & investing shows on iTunes! Yes, Chris Hill is an industry icon, and we highly recommend you make his podcast a weekly destination!

A graduate of Boston College, Chris also received a Master’s Degree from American University. His family of Motley Fool Money podcasts are, as they say, “Binge-worthy financial information”

The podcasts are a core part of the powerful business financial website, The Motley Fool, found at fool.com. The Mission: “From our founding in 1993, The Motely Fool has been fighting on the side of the individual investor, to help the world invest better.” Please give their website a look too!

His Favorite Episodes of Motley Fool Money

News on the Rocks is a cocktail party conversation about news, hosted by Wayne Cabot, morning news anchor at 880 WCBS AM in New York & Patty Steele, of WCBS-FM!

Other Podcasts Wayne Listens To

News on the Rocks - Co-host Wayne Cabot

This weeks ‘Podfluencer’, Wayne Cabot, comes to us from the iconic CBS news radio station ‘in New York City, 880 WCBS AM! For those of you stuck in traffic each morning on your way into the Big Apple, you have the pleasure of listening to Mr. Cabot! Previously anchoring the PM drive for 17 years, he recently got the call for the 5-10am shift! And now, Mr. Cabot, alongside WCBS-FM on-air personality Patty Steele, of Scott Shannon in the Morning, bring you an intriguing take on news…via their show ‘News on the Rocks’.

Their aptly titled podcast is a ‘cocktail conversation’ about news, essentially a happy hour amongst friends who are actively engaged in much more than just New York City news. No topic is off limits, and both Wayne & Patty bring you a pleasantly entertaining view on topics relevant to today’s water cooler conversation…or should we say ‘Happy Hour’ chit-chat!

Check out the show directly on the CBS Play.it Network or listen effortlessly right here, at TopPodcast.com – Listen Now

His Favorite Episodes News on the Rocks

The WorkNotWork Show explores those with the most fascinating jobs in the world & how they managed to get it!

Other Podcasts Terence Listens To

The WorkNotWork Show - by Terence C. Gannon

Terence C. Gannon has been an agent of change, employing 35 years of information technology experience to find better, fast, more effective and more innovative ways of doing things. And he has made a major transformation in his career, from IT expert to Podcaster…starting a compelling podcast featuring individuals that have embarked on fascinating careers, of which they feel that they have captured their ‘dream job’.

The WorkNotWork Show focuses on individuals in fascinating fields, uncovering the insight on what it took to attain their ‘dream job’. The podcast tracks down people who are inspired by their jobs, which in many cases, started with a lifelong passion for the craft or specialty that they’ve managed to turn into a successful career. Each episode, Terence speaks to one person who is, shall we say, ‘living the dream’. He explores how each person chose their field, what has gone well and what hurdles they’ve had to overcome. Check out his website here: The WorkNotWork Website

His Favorite Episodes The WorkNotWork Show

UNDISCLOSED, with well over 140 million listens, is a must-listen to PODCAST investigating wrongful convictions & the U.S. Criminal Justice System.

Other Podcasts Colin Miller Listens To

UNDISCLOSED with Co-Host Colin Miller

Colin is Associate Dean & Professor at the School of Law at the University of South Carolina and he is the Editor of EvidenceProfBlog , which address ‘recent developments in Evidence precedent, legislation, and scholarship’. His areas of expertise include Evidence, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Civil Procedure. Professor Miller is a graduate of the William and Mary Law School, where he served on the William and Mary Law Review and the William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal. He is co-host of the powerful podcast, UNDISCLOSED.

The Undisclosed podcast investigates wrongful convictions, and the U.S. criminal justice system, by taking a closer look at the perpetration of a crime, its investigation, the trial and ultimate verdict…and finding new evidence that never made it to court. Attorneys Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson, and Colin Miller started the podcast in April 2015 with a detailed examination of the Adnan Syed case, exploring new evidence and providing updates on the ongoing legal proceedings.

His Favorite Episodes UNDISCLOSED

With the NBA playoffs starting, we thought we’d bring you a Podfluencer involved in the world of Sports Management!

Other Industry Podcasts Odell McCants Listens To

Beyond The Whistle with Odell McCants

Odell McCants, a former NBA player-agent, helps schools and school districts implement college and career readiness solutions that enable students to create their unique journeys to success. Check out his website HERE!

From his show page: Beyond The Whistle provides tips and advice about the business of sports and how sports professionals can advance in their careers. Hosted by Odell McCants of McCants Sports, the show includes interviews with coaches, sports administrators and front office executives discussing their journeys to success.

His Favorite Episodes of Beyond The Whistle

With the recent bombings in Syria, we thought it timely to bring you Podfluencer ‘Marine Lieutenant Colonel James Weirick’.

Other Industry Podcasts Weirick Listens To

Military Justice with James Weirick

James Weirick, better known as Weirick, is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel, Judge Advocate, and Lawyer bringing you a new show with help from the same team that developed Undisclosed.

From his show page: “As a nation we have been at war for 15 years now, the average young person has known nothing but war for their entire life, yet they volunteer in droves to serve their country. They deserve a better standard of Military Justice and this podcasts seeks to help in that process. Visit Website Here!

His Favorite Episodes of Military Justice

In addition to an amazing podcast, their website delivers unparalleled intrigue and content…a must see!

Other Industry Podcasts Scott Listens To

From Astonishing Legends: Scott Philbrook

Scott & Forrest have been called the ‘Click and Clack of esoterica’ by their listeners. Their mission is to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who’ve had close encounters with the unexplained. Forrest will be our podfluencer ina couple weeks!

They strive to bring you everything that’s entertaining about those stories and remind you that it’s ok to laugh at scary stories and respectfully, even the people that tell them. Put your headphones on, settle in for your commute and get ready to experience a show like nothing you’ve ever heard before. You must visit their amazing website by CLICKING HERE!

Scott's 3 Fav Episodes or Series'

Love wrestling, sports, and entertainment? You will LOVE Taz! His daily podcast is on video too!

Taz's Top 3 Shows

The Taz Show

The Taz Show, featuring multiple time Heavyweight Champion Taz covering everything in the world of sports entertainment and beyond. Taz has special guests from pro wrestling and takes calls from the fans.

The Taz Show is recorded live everyday from 7 to 9am Eastern. Watch or listen to The Taz Show at The Taz Show.

3 Populars Episodes From the Taz Show