The World Premier of Simplifying Discovery

The World Premier of Simplifying Discovery

Hello World!

Simplicity. Isn’t that all the world needs? Especially in the disparate and fragmented world of podcast discovery? Let me reinforce it again. Simplicity. That’s what #TopPodcast brings to the complex and often confusing world of on-demand audio.

The Mission

We are the premier destination for podcast discovery, trends and advertising, propelling a new audience of first-time listeners & businesses to discover a love for on-demand listening.

No iTunes * No App * No Problem: The Epicenter of Podcast Discovery

No longer do you need to ‘try and figure it out’ when trying to listen or find a podcast. One site, one-click, listen. #TOPPODCAST is the digital gateway for discovery for those that have never used the platform, for both consumers & businesses. We call them Newpods…the newbies to the industry…more on that below.

Now discover the Top 200 podcasts, both overall & by individual categories, directly on one single-source hub, aggregated from the publicly available RSS feeds via iTunes
  • No need to search networks or apps to find the Top Podcasts, Publishers, or Networks – it’s all aggregated here
  • We liberate first time users from having to rely on iTunes or multiple apps for listening
  • No need to install an app to listen to a podcasts, that is, until you are ready to fly away and embrace the platform
  • A one-stop shop (Podcast Business Center) to place podcast ad buys across multiple networks, agnostic to any one publisher
  • Authentic, powerful digital attribution strategies integrated into podcast buys
  • Industry research and analytics aggregated within our Podcast Busines Center
  • Advocating a new narrative in the digital buying community to increase market share
  • Distributing you podcasts, using publicly available RSS feeds via iTunes, allowing new listeners to discover your show
  • A proponent of an open network and a universally accepted measurement standard, we will help unite a fragmented industry

Newpods: Our Target are First-Time Listeners 

Let’s be clear, especially to those industry insiders who are discovering us for the first time. You are not our target market. We are here, however, to act as an industry advocate, a unified source that will finally make noise well beyond the walls of the industry, targeting what we call “newpods” to discover a love for on-demand listening.

What’s a newpod? It’s what we are defining as first-time listeners & new businesses entering the disparate realm of on-demand listening, as defined below:

We eventually want Newpods to fly away, and learn how to listen via their smartphones & publisher apps!

Podfluencers: The Intersection of Brand Ambassadors & the Podcaster

Each week, we will feature a predominate podcaster(or industry insider), introducing them to our audience. Why is this so important? We want to dive behind the curtain, learn what their favorite episodes are…and most importantly, what podcasts are they listening to?

Podfluencers, another term we are introducing, have the viral power not just to promote themselves, their sponsors, and individual episodes, but they are the loudest advocates for the industry in driving discovery.

90 for 90: #TopPodcast Recommended Picks

In addition to effortlessly discovering the iTunes Top 200 ranked podcasts, our staff will recommend ten podcasts in nine respective categories. Eventually, our 90 for 90 will change weekly, as industry insiders will use us as a hub to help promote and drive discovery of new relevant shows.

In the meantime, explore the categories in our 90 for 90 and then…just point, click, listen.

Podcast Business Center for Turnkey Podcast Advertising Solutions

Turnkey Podcasting Advertising Solutions, across multiple publisher networks, integrated with powerful digital attribution strategies. NOTE: We DO NOT sell advertising into shows on our site, as we push out for discovery the publicly available RSS FEEDS available via iTunes, and owned by the content creators. Any advertising

NOTE: Any advertising inquiries for specific shows will go directly to those publishers, podcasters and networks directly, including banner advertising inquiries. We protect the copyright of the content creators, and do not sell any ads surrounding any show or episode feeds aggregated on our site. We simply push out their feeds for additional discovery, downloads and listens. 

What is our Vision? $1 Billion in Ad Revenue by 2021 

Let’s be honest, the industry has ineffectively marketed itself beyond its walls. Despite 81% of Americans owning smartphones, 40% of the population is still unfamiliar with the term podcast, nor do they even know where to find one.  We’re here to change that.

A simplistic, open aggregator for online discovery, using publicly available RSS feeds, to push out for discovery. We’re here to make noise and ultimately be the industries biggest advocate! Thanks for having us!