Welcome to Version 2.0 of TopPodcast.com – Your ‘At Work’ Podcast Listening Network

Welcome to Version 2.0 of TopPodcast.com – Your ‘At Work’ Podcast Listening Network

What a great first year it’s been for TopPodcast.com. Thank you to the 125,000 users of our site…something we are grateful for. Our site continues to incrementally grow in a way that even has surprised us. Apparently Google loves us when it comes to organic podcast show discovery…and ultimately, our goal is to drive discovery to the podcast medium and be one of its biggest advocates.

Helping first time users embark on a journey of discovery, both for the podcast listener as well as the new advertiser looking for the right shows for their brand.

Your Listen At Work Station

We also want to be your “Listen at Work” Podcast Network…no iTunes, no app, no problem…your source for 1-click listening! No need to surf around from network to network. Just come back daily, see what’s hot…and take the show for a test drive. If you like what you hear, subscribe to the show on your smartphone via your favorite podcast app, of which you can discover here: Top Apps

Our initial goal was thee-fold:

  1. Make it simple for you to discover & listen to the top podcasts in the marketplace, particularly for those of you that never listened to a podcast.
  2. Provide a single-source hub where you find all the top podcast networks, publishers and content creators (and apps too)
  3. Help advertisers and agencies navigate a fragmented podcast industry, aligning their marketing objectives with the right shows for their integrated strategies…in an agnostic transparent manner.

As you become comfortable navigating the podcast industry, we want you to eventually ‘fly away’ and discover a network or app that you’re comfortable with and become a heavy podcast user. We’ll continue to help ‘newpods’ discover the medium & help businesses place their podcast advertising buys, agnostic and unbiased to any one publisher or network.


What’s New with Version 2.0?

  1. The site has made it easier to view that Top 25 podcasts of the day, directly on the homepage
  2. Shows now have categories highlighted in bold (light blue) under each podcast
  3. We’ve added more categories to our new Top Podcast Picks for easy discovery based on what you enjoy listening to
  4. For podcasters, we now are featuring ‘Independent Podcasters’ not beholden to any one network. They can stand out from all the white-noise in such a fragmented industry by showcasing themselves within our TopPodcast Independent Network, sharing the link directly to their shows
  5. Coming Soon – The TopPodcast Local Streaming Network (Creating Local Radio Stations with Top Local Podcasts in major markets for regional discovery)

Podcast Advertising Center is Open For Business

Businesses and brands looking to advertise within the medium, we are here to help make it easy for you. No other agency works the way we do, acting as a ‘podcast broker’, with you still being billed directly from the publisher…creating 100% transparency. No agency/publisher/ kickbacks, the way so many operate in today’s un-transparent world of media buying!

Check out our Podcast Advertising Center here…and let us do the work for you! We work with all the major podcast and digital audio networks and look forward to being your conduit to the podcast industry.

Check out the Top Picks Tab (pictured below) as well as categories highlighted in blue:

Click on TOP PICKS, to discover the Top Podcast by specific categories – Useful for first-timers!

Thanks again for a great first year! We can’t wait to see what happens next.