TopPodcast Picks: Our 90 for 90 Recommendations for Newpod Discovery

TopPodcast Picks: Our 90 for 90 Recommendations for Newpod Discovery

#TopPodcast is proud to release our 90 for 90! What is it? Nine unique categories, 10 podcasts in each! Hence 90 for 90.

We Will Rely On Your Input For Future Top 90 for 90 Recommendations

Trust us, this list will change often and frequently as we receive information from podcasters, publishers, networks, and listeners who give us insight and recommendations. This was just our ‘first-dabble’ into making some broad-based recommendations, so kindly don’t bash our first-go around 🙂 It’s going to change often, so check back regularly.

Listen At Work: No iTunes, No Apps, No Problem

That’s right, you don’t need iTunes downloaded on your work computer. You don’t have to google or search top podcasts…or top networks, etc. It’s all right here…our one-stop shop! Better yet, listen and discover effortlessly, while you work.

  • No iTunes necessary
  • No Apps to Download
  • No hassles…No problem

Our goal is for you to find something you like, based on categories, and then become a loyal on-demand listener of one of our 90 for 90 featured podcasts, on their network. So please, it’s a simple as pointing & clicking.

Once you fall in love, download one of our apps located in our Top Publishers section.

And if you have a podcast that you’d like us to recommend or feature, hit us up! Maybe we’ll show you off to the world in our #TopPodcast 90 for 90!

Happy Listening everyone! Thanks for stopping by! #Boom