E-Commerce Explosion A Dream Come True for Podcast Advertising

E-Commerce Explosion A Dream Come True for Podcast Advertising

Digital advertising has long held significant advantages over traditional advertising mediums because of its ability to geo-target by location, age, demo, etc. Conversely, podcast advertising wasn’t built on the back of targeting, despite the fact that ads can be auto-inserted into podcasts.

Targeting is Evolving, Especially with Long-Tail Podcasts

Yes, scaling campaigns on a very targeted level has been embraced slowly due to staggered delivery methods across thousands of shows in all geo’s around the country. But, with all the evergreen content available with long-tail podcasts, we’re starting to see a pivot and AdsWizz is all over this technology.

But today, let’s look at how e-commerce and podcasting advertising work together. The explosive rise of e-commerce & retail technology is playing right into podcast advertising’s hands. A small business with a one-storefront shop should find podcast advertising highly valuable, especially if they have built out a powerful e-commerce platform to deliver their products to a targeted online audience.

e-Commerce Plays Into Podcasting’s Hands

Simply look inside the e-commerce numbers and you will see an ‘oil well’ of opportunity for any podcast publisher to drive revenues. Cyber Monday sales this year set a record, delivering $3.5 billion in sales. That’s a 12% increase over last year, with smartphones accounting for more than one out of every five sales. Better yet, from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, according to Adobe Digital Insights, consumers spent $12.8 billion online. That’s right, $12.8 billion with a b. Many online merchants advertised and offered substantial discounts several days leading up to Black Friday.

These marketing strategies, via e-commerce, sync up perfectly to the podcasting advertising industry, and we need to make noise within the digital buying community to better educate them!

As e-commerce continues to increase its share of total retail, the podcasting industry must penetrate this market with fervor. We must educate the buying community on the power of podcast advertising in order to increase our share of any digital budget. The rapid migration to e-commerce provides unprecedented sales opportunities for the entire podcasting industry. Have we done anything, in a unified voice, to untangle the web of choices for small to mid-size businesses to place podcasting buys? Not so much. We need to amplify our strengths, demonstrating together just how fervent and loyal our audiences are. Bottom line, podcast listeners are an e-commerce advertisers dream.

e-Commerce is a dream for the podcasting industry.

No longer do people fear entering their payment details to virtual merchants. Omni-channel marketing has become a major part of any brand strategy. And the speedy delivery of online retailers, logistically, has evolved into infinite choices for consumers. Through advocacy & education, controlling the narrative, and untangling the vast choices businesses have, the podcasting industry should take major strides forward in 2017 and beyond, driving ad revenue. I truly believe, once we finally control the narrative within the digital buying community, we can surpass $1 Billion in ad sales by 2021.

But we must integrate podcasting into the daily digital conversation of e-commerce prospects, as well as the digital buying community…first, by educating ourselves on the complex integrated e-commerce strategies businesses are using. And then, by telling our story on how podcasting advertising syncs up perfectly to any e-commerce marketing strategy. The rise of e-commerce is an oil-well of opportunity for the entire podcasting community.

It’s time to tell our story, in a unified voice, gaining the digital market share we deserve.