She’s On The Money – Victoria Devine

Millennial money expert Victoria Devine shares her foolproof tips for financial freedom.


The “Executive Master In Public Administration” (founded by Prof. Michael Adams, Ph.D.) in the Barbara Jordan / Mickey Leland School Of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University hosts this PodCast on Public Policy Issues and about our Students, who become Leaders of ‘Change’ within world Governments.

The Government Contracts Legal Round-Up – Jenner & Block

Government Contracts Legal Round Up is a podcast focusing on important developments facing government contractors and grant recipients. Hosts David Robbins and Marc Van Allen discuss key developments in this ever-changing field in an easy-to-absorb style. Often joined by colleagues and guests, programs focus on the most relevant executive orders, regulations, proposed and final rules that affect the FAR and relevant agency FAR supplements, decisions from GAO, the boards and courts.

Profiles in Public Service – Partnership for Public Service

Profiles in Public Service tells the compelling stories about the unsung public servant leaders who have driven government’s most important accomplishments.
Co-hosts Loren DeJonge Schulman and Rachel Klein-Kircher help break down common myths about government by highlighting the critical ways in which federal employees have demonstrated bold leadership to protect our health, safety and general well-being. In an age when people continue to hold negative views about government—but also rely on it to solve big problems and crises—the stories we share promise to rebuild public faith in the nation’s largest public organization.

Second Request – The Capitol Forum

The Authoritative Antitrust Podcast
Following forty years of laissez-faire antitrust enforcement and industry consolidation, the White House is considering a fundamental rethink of how to interpret, enforce, and rewrite antitrust law, and many questions remain unanswered for the antitrust community.  
 On the heels of federal and state litigation against Google and Facebook, is Amazon next?  Will the new administration put big agriculture, big banks, and big pharma in its crosshairs?  Will the courts stop antitrust enforcers in their tracks?  Will the Biden administration get cold feet?
 Second Request provides in-depth discussions with antitrust experts about the answers to these questions and about proposed solutions to the biggest monopoly problems of our time.  Backed by the investigative resources and intellectual rigor of The Capitol Forum, Executive Editor and host Teddy Downey examines the effects of the current concentrations of market power across a vast array of industry verticals as he and his guests analyze the potential responses from the federal government. Offering thoughtful conversations with analysts and decision makers, Second Request provides everyone from C-Suite executives to policymakers, and all those in-between, strategic antitrust insights at the intersection of law, policy, and markets.

Government for Grownups – Sharon McMahon

Welcome to the Government for Grownups Podcast. Fun and facts collide in this series of informative and thought-provoking conversations about the United States government.

Host Sharon McMahon, a longtime government and law teacher, has amassed more than hundreds of thousands of followers on her viral Instagram account @sharonsaysso where she combats misinformation by promoting facts.

Armed with humor and logic, her community of ‘Governerds’ looks to her for truth and reason in a society plagued with bias and conspiracy.

From the Bill of Rights to civil rights, Sharon speaks with authority each week on matters of national importance. And sometimes: other things.

After The Fire Podcast –, LLC & National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Firefighter Post-Line Of Duty Death (LODD) podcast intimately reliving the stories of the boots on the ground and interviews with subject matter experts connected to LODD incidents. The goal of After The Fire is to learn from unintended outcomes of these unfortunate events.

Yesterday’s News – Factinate

Yesterday’s News is a podcast dedicated to the idea that anyone who made history was probably a bit of a hot mess. Join us as we kick off our very first season by exploring the lives of our favorite queens in history. With episodes on gender-bending rebels, power-hungry femme fatales, and so much more, this season is guaranteed to introduce you to your new favorite queen. 

An Evening In The Aughts – M & K

Sisters M&K discuss all things 2000’s and early 2010’s pop culture including movies, TV, celebs, and more! Support this podcast:

西岸偏北 West Coast Talk – nwctalk