Podcast of the Month: James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds

Podcast of the Month: James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds

The March 2021 Top Podcast “Podcast of the Month” is: James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds

James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds is a music podcast where host & comedian James Acaster attempts to prove that 2016 produced better music than any other year. Acaster starts each show by explaining that in 2016 he experienced a breakdown and to help cope he bought hundreds of new records, specifically records produced in the year 2016.

This show is produced and distributed by BBC Sounds, which is a “is a streaming media and audio download service from the BBC that includes live radio broadcasts, audio on demand, and podcasts.” BBC Sounds launched in 2018. Acaster is a popular British comedian with multiple hilarious Netflix specials, who often appears on panel shows like “Mock the Week.”

This show is a great introduction to new musicians. Acaster’s strange music taste unearths a variety of the strangest albums you’ll ever hear, but he also discusses how this project has reignited his interest in pop music. Whether you’d like to hear the breakdowns of masterpieces like Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Beyonce’s Lemonade, or Bon Iver’s 22, a million; or you’d like to discover genres like grindcore, jazz rap, and math rap; Perfect Sounds has something for you.

James Acaster will have you convinced that 2016 was the best year in music history, or at least make you consider why you disagree.

Listen to: James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds on BBC Sounds