The New York Times Is Anything But Failing And Their #TopPodcast ‘The Daily’ Proves It

The New York Times Is Anything But Failing And Their #TopPodcast ‘The Daily’ Proves It

Over the last 16 months, the digital transformation at the New York Times has been anything but extraordinary.  Since the astounding debut of their #TopPodcast “The Daily”, with over 27 million listens since it’s debut last February, the ‘digital media company continues implementing a powerful distribution strategy across all major platforms.

More recently, at their NewFronts presentation on May 1st, The Times announced that they will be adding a ‘weekend version’ of The Daily to their podcast slate. In addition, you’ll now be able to find their podcasts on Spotify. The event highlighted their continued evolution into a digital and podcast powerhouse.

The Daily – 27 million listens & counting (Take it for a test-drive now)

Show description: This moment demands an explanation. This show is on a mission to find it. Only what you want to know, none of what you don’t. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Powered by New York Times journalism. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m. Listen below:

Listen to the Daily Here! One Click Listening!


What’s next for The New York Times?

  • A weekend version of The Daily will launch this summer
  • S-Town and Serial-style podcasts featuring Times reporters are in the works
  • Snapchat content has been developed
  • More original video efforts and video documentaries are on the horizon, especially after their short documentary 4.1 Miles, which was nominated for an Oscar this year (it had over 200 million views on Facebook Live last year)
  • Future programming to include assessing the future of artificial intelligence & its impact on America’s workforce, an animated series on motherhood, and an inside look about ‘The Isle of Man TT”, one of the most dangerous motorcycle races in the world
  • Enhancing opportunities for listeners to engage with The Daily, during the show

70% of Readership Now On Mobile

With 70% of its readership now on mobile devices, we continue to see an extraordinary pivot on how The Times is capitalizing on evolving consumption habits which has impacted how they curate and deliver content.

Watching this iconic news gathering organization courageously invest in digital headcount & technology should set any ‘eye-opening’ example for other traditional media companies to follow.  And they’re starting to reap the incremental benefits of this corporate strategy, as shown below.

Additional NYT Digital Facts

  • They guaranteed BMW, the sponsor of The Daily, 750,000 impressions and have delivered 25 million
  • Video traffic on their site is up 40% compared to last year
  • Facebook Vidoe is up 660% from last year
  • Added 514,000 digital-only subscriptions in 2016
  • Digital Ad revenue rose by 6% to $209 million

Superheroes Need Villians

Every super-hero needs and arch-enemy. It certainly hasn’t hurt that Donald Trump and his controversial vitriol has ascended to the Presidential throne.  The Times provides ‘daily’ checks and balances on anything politics when it comes to the Trump Whitehouse.

In addition, they continue marketing themselves through powerful advertisements, including the spot below which ran during this years Oscars.

Selling Themselves: A Clip Promoting “The Truth Is Hard To Find”


And another powerful commercial…

The Transformation Continues

As an entrepreneur & digital marketer, it’s been heartwarming watching the digital ascension of The New York Times…having the bold courage to take big innovative steps…particularly after being labeled “The Failing New York Times” by Sir Donald Trump.  Stats like the ones above don’t lie, and they translate into revenue.

I always say, “Success is the Greatest Revenge”. And they are proving it…they are anything but failing. Let’s hope other traditional news-gathering organizations are taking note.