Got Podcast? Will Give Independent Podcasters A Louder Voice

Got Podcast? Will Give Independent Podcasters A Louder Voice

Are you working to find a way to drive people to discover your podcast? Have you been growing your show incrementally? If so, we want you to become a part of the TopPodcast Independent Podcast Network. In the coming months, you’ll see a listing of Independent Podcasters on the primary navigation bar of our website.

What Does This Mean?

Look at our independent network as:

  • A funnel for the major publishers to learn about the up-and-coming podcasters starting to make an impact
  • We require absolutely no registrations, no fees and no hassles for indepedent podcasters
  • Our job is to allow content creators to have a home that hopefully helps you cut through the white noise of the industry and stand out
  • We will help find advertisers that may be interested in having you do a live endorsed read
  • Use our brand to help promote your podcast

As highlighted above, whether you have 500 listeners or 50,000, we will contact you if we find an advertiser that’s interested in your becoming a sponsor on your show! All we need to know is what you require as far as a minimum fee for advertisement, and we’ll do the rest. That’s right, get listed with us and we will work to provide advertisers that align with your show.

A New Podcast Is Like A Start Up – And You Need Press

We know what it’s like having a start-up…and understand that it may be tough to get the attention of the ‘big players’ in the industry. And it’s way too easy to get lost or drowned out. That’s why our home for Independent podcasters hopefully becomes an authoritative destination for for publishers looking to sign new shows for their networks.

Our team also will be developing turnkey PR solutions for podcasters, to help expand your reach and drive immediate relevancy. Stay tuned for new and exciting news on how will provide additional P.R. services for new podcasters listed within our Independent Podcast Network.

Why Get Listed With Us? We Will Drive Discovery & Relevancy

  1. Networks & Publishers Are Looking for Content Creators & May Discover You Here
  2. Drive Relevancy & Downloads By Being Listed
  3. We May Feature You on our TopPicks Section (90 for 90)
  4. You May Be Invited to be a Featured Podfluencer on our Homepage
  5. Use the #TopPodcast Hashtag for Viral Promotion of your Show

Our job is to help you take flight. The process is simple: GOT A SHOW? LET US KNOW HERE #TopPodcast