Finally, #TryPod ‘Tries’ To Take Industry Beyond Its Walls

Finally, #TryPod ‘Tries’ To Take Industry Beyond Its Walls

As you learn more about #TopPodcast, our mission is to clearly propel new listeners to discover a love for on-demand listening. We are aggressively advocating that the industry finally speak beyond its walls expanding far beyond the fabric of its own platform…targeting new listeners (what we call newpods).

Late February, NPR put out a press release that the industry is finally coming together to conduct a unified social media campaign, hoping to drive ‘friends of podcast listeners’ to discover podcasts, via the hashtag #TryPod. While we may not necessarily love the hashtag they’re using (it may increase Tripod sales for Adorama & B&H Photo), we do appreciate the fact that the industry is uniting together to drive awareness. It’s a start!

Why this matter? 

  • Creating a cohesive hashtag to drive awareness is a natural digital strategy that can organically drive discovery, as long as there’s a consistency with a clear motive
  • It demonstrates an industry ready to embrace ‘working together’ in a unified voice, implementing a strategy to go beyond its own walls
  • The underlying notion of using a hashtag aligns with the #TopPodcast vision of driving discovery, so it reinforces what we are doing as an advocate for the industry

What the challenge will be?

  • Telling a friend or posting a hashtag may not be good enough to move the needle. A new listener must act. Will #TryPod drive listens & activations? Maybe, but there’s still so many choices for listeners that it may create more confusion as you see 37 publishers, podcasters, and listeners simultaneously sharing #TryPod hashtags
  • Beyond ‘podfluencers’, podcasters that have powerful social media followings, the industry as a whole lacks a clear social media strategy. A review of many publisher social platforms demonstrates a clear lack of TLC regarding social media marketing. NPR, thankfully, has one…take a look at their massive social reach at the end of this feature
  • Measuring the success of the #TryPod campaign, adhering to the industries wild-wild west theme, will be a crap shoot. Social media is a digital platform. It’s about the analytics. When it comes to measuring success, founding #TryPod innovator’ Israel Smith, who is senior director of promotions at NPR told Adweek, when asked about measuring success said:

 By #trypod overload. When you start to see mentions on social media and Twitter where people are saying, ‘Oh my god I’m so sick of #trypod,’…that’s when we know we succeeded

Hmmm, definitely not a digital marketers answer, for sure. But I totally commend the effort here. While it’s great seeing the industry finally working together, there’s SO MUCH more it can do…when everyone finally chooses to unite together. Hopefully, #TopPodcast can help too.

It’s A Step In The Right Unified Direction

Kudos to NPR & Israel Smith for bringing in 37 publishers to participate. One small step at a time, in an industry trying to find its unified footing! #TryPod —->Make it happen! Using a simple hashtag, however, doesn’t necessarily prove a new social aptitude. But at least it’s a step in the right direction.

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