A Fabulous Week of Press & The Scoop That Wasn’t

A Fabulous Week of Press & The Scoop That Wasn’t

What a week it was! The launch of TopPodcast.com was an overwhelming success…especially with the feedback from industry insiders & podcasters alike. 

As the marketing communications & media arm of TopPodcast.com, I wanted to introduce myself by highlighting a few pieces of the positive press we received and a few other interesting tidbits that occurred during our inaugural week. From our press release being picked up across the country, to monetization inquiries, to crickets…have a look at the inaugural week that was! #Success

First, a few selections from the amazing press & features we continue to receive…(here a few samples) 


Click to read the entire article


podtopod (we’re excited to be on their show this week too)

podtopod runs with the presser! Thank you…Read it Here


Yahoo Finance Picked Up The Presser!

All Access

All Access Welcomes Us To the World!


In a nutshell, one email summed up the dozens and dozens of responses and inquiries from industry content creators, independents and show producers. Chris Hill, from The Motley Fool family of Podcasts, sent a note, and here’s part of it:

Love the site and it’s great to see all five of The Motley Fool’s
podcasts on there. I’m writing for two reasons:

1. We’re about to launch a 6th podcast and I’d like to make sure you
get that information as well.


Please get back to me when you have a moment.

Many thanks,
Chris Hill
Host, Motley Fool Money & MarketFoolery

The overwhelming response from professionals like Chris Hill was on par with what we had hoped! We are industry advocates, pushing out discovery that will drive first-time listeners to discover then subscribe to content creators feeds. Just as important, we have some exciting announcements on the horizon, for the independents and ‘start-up’ podcasters….so stay tuned…it will transform the industry for newcomers.

As we update our 90 for 90, you’ll see shows like the ones below being featured for discovery.

In the meantime, we encourate you to explore the Motley Fool family of podcasts:

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Why not take one of his shows for a test drive (Click banner below or search in our search bar any one of the above shows)

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Ad Agencies Had Lots of Questions About Monetization Rather Than Discovery

Interestingly enough, a handful of ad agencies inquired about our business model (this surprised us). They really weren’t that interested in our innovative premise of driving awareness and discovery but more curiously focused on how we are going to monetize the site. Many were a little aggressive in their inquisitiveness, assuming we were actually going to divulge proprietary insight on existing & future revenue streams.

We gave them a few nuggets to digest on about our Podcast Business Center…but this site was developed for the industry, especially content creators, as a place for new listeners to test drive and discover their shows! There’s so much more on the horizon than anyone realizes…Stay Tuned…the team at TopPodcast.com is just getting started!


Ironically enough, the night before the launch, I wanted to provide an industry insider ‘the scoop’ on our launch. So, after much consideration, I decided to throw it at Nick Quah, at HotPodNews.

Here’s what I did:

  • I sent the press release to the two email addresses we had on file
  • I direct tweeted him too
  • and we got crickets.

Despite my brilliant idea to ‘try’ and give someone the scoop 12 hours before it hit the wire, we received the kind of overwhelming press I can only hope for on behalf of my clients. Maybe it’s best he didn’t decide to run with it. And maybe he never will. Nonetheless, we were rather surprised (and curious) that an industry insider didn’t take the scoop, especially with all the granular podcast news Nick pushes out weekly. It’s certainly curious.

While I’m sure he receives dozens of weekly ‘reach-outs’ from people like me, everyone else and their mother wanted to know what we were doing…so much for the scoop…

Makes ya go hmmmmm…

Thanks to all of the press that continue to inquire about interviews & comment. This week, we’ve set up interviews with Mathew Passey of podtopodBrad Segall of KYW NewsRadio (thanks to both of them), and many more are on the docket.

I’ll be here if there’s anything you need on the communications side of the table!  I couldn’t be happier to partner with such a revolutionary company. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!  And look for my contributing articles, coming monthly! #TopPodcast