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The Vision

Speaking in a Unified, Unbiased Voice To Drive Discovery & Revenues

With so many choices available to both consumers and advertisers, the industry remains highly fragmented. New listeners (newpods) and businesses must find a way to navigate the convoluted world of on-demand listening.

The foundation of our vision is built on unifying the industry, enhancing podcast discovery, and changing the narrative within the digital buying community. TopPodcast.com will bring clarity to the vast choices available to first-time listeners & new businesses.

Near Term –> Simplify Discovery for New Listeners (Newpods) & Provide Turnkey Agnostic Ad Solutions for Advertisers
Mid-Term –> ¬†Increase Market Share & Acceptance within the Digital Buying Community
Long-Term –> An Open Network, Standard Measurement, & Agnostic Ad Rep Firm Driving Revenues to $1 Billion by 2021