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#TopPodcast Digital Enterprises: Consumers, Businesses, & Industry Services

In today’s complex world of on-demand listening, consumers and businesses face similar challenges assessing and understanding the vast choices at their disposal. Disparate podcast networks & a fragmented industry have created a complex platform for first-time listeners and advertisers to navigate.

We address these issues by providing the following services:

Consumers: Podcast Discovery, Podfluencers, & Show Recommendations

  1. Top Ranked Podcasts: Updated rankings, by category, from iTunes, for quick discovery, exploration, and immediate listening
  2. Top Influencers (Podfluencers): Weekly feature of industry insiders, what they listen to, and their favorite episodes of their podcasts
  3. Top Publishers, Networks, & Apps: Easy discovery of the top podcast creators, networks, shows, and apps
  4. 90 for 90: Top Podcast Curated Recommendations – 9 categories, 10 shows for simple discovery
  5. News & Industry Trends: Highlights of new shows, from publishers & independents

Businesses: The Podcast Business Center: Advertising, Analytics, Hosting & Equipment

  1. Podcast Advertising Center: one-stop turnkey ad solutions, publisher agnostic, using enhanced multi-attribution strategies unlike anyone in the industry
  2. Podcast Research Center: Insights & analytics, from all major outlets, including direct links to data from Pew, Bridge, IAB, Edison, comScore, Nielsen/Scarborough, and more etc.
  3. News & Industry Trends: Highlighting relevant industry trends, summarizing major news from top industry trades, we capture the industries news & dumb-it-down in one simple resource center
  4. Hosting Services & Podcast Equipment: Coming Soon
  5. Podcast Turnkey WordPress Website Dev: Coming Soon

Industry: Unified Hub, Advocacy, Promotional Vehicle for All Publishers, Podcasts & Networks

  1. Drive Discovery: Drive new listeners to your platforms, networks, and shows, specifically targeting first-timers (newpods)
  2. Advocacy & Education: Change the narrative within the digital buying community, working to drive revenues for all publishers, podcasters and networks
  3. Independents: Highlight & feature independents looking to promote their shows and latch on with a premium network
  4. Industry Coalescing: Advocate for an open network & standard industry-accepted measurement
  5. Drive Revenues Across All Networks: Drive annual advertising revenue to $1 Billion by 2021